Reading: Language you can put your finger on

Oxford University Press

Peter Redpath, co-author of Incredible English second edition, takes a look at reading and how it can be used in the classroom.

There are two productive skills, speaking and writing, and two receptive skills, listening and reading.  Here I’d like to focus on reading.

First of all, let’s consider what differentiates the skills.

For a start, reading and writing, unlike listening and speaking, are concrete. There are words on a page and there may well be images of some sort too. We receive information from what is on the page, for example the font and the layout, the vocabulary and punctuation.  Written conventions of style and layout also tell us at a glance if we are looking at a menu, or a newspaper article.

In spoken discourse we have intonation to help convey attitudinal meaning. Our ability to encode and decode intonation will radically affect the message we…

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A Listening procedure step by step.

Oxford University Press

Peter Redpath, co-author of Incredible English second edition, takes a look at listening excercises in the classroom.

Listening is one of the receptive skills. When we are listening to language, we need to decode what we hear in order to understand it. One of the advantages for reading is that we have the written word to decipher. It is concrete; it doesn’t disappear. It is on the page or screen. In contrast, the spoken word is ephemeral; it is here and then it is gone.

Fortunately, much conversation is cyclical and not linear. By that I mean, we rarely read from a script. Most spoken conversation backtracks, repeats itself using different words; goes two steps forward and one step back. However, one of the problems with recorded material from course books is that this redundancy is often edited out. A script is often linear.

On the other hand…

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My Musical Abilities

Playing an electric guitar

i play guitar,both electric and acoustic…

guitar has been part of my life since i was 15..nothing can stop me from getting my fingers from shredding,plucking the strings…

i love guitars…

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An Embarrassing, Foot-in-Mouth Moment

unzipping bricks

i forgot to zip my pants…..

that was during dinner with my wife…

a bit cold and breezy under….

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My Thoughts on Valentine's Day

EVERYDAY IS VALENTINE'S DAY………but 14 Feb just make it more special…

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Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

Eating in the rain

can i say BRUNCH?…

then i would b happy for the rest of my life.

but if i hv to choose, then my choice would be LUNCH…

i'll eat heavy lunch till im really full…and i would just drink water until i fall a sleep and hv another lunch the next day…i think would survive….


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My Hometown

Santa Clara goldmine

i grew up in a Bau,Sarawak..its a small town……1 supermarket, 1 traffic lite, single lane road..its where u can drive ur car 40 km/h and nobody would honk u…

Bau was a goldmine back in the early 1900s…chinese immigrant came n start the mining industry which u can still feel and see the remnants…

end of part 1.

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